Connect to MySQL databases in Arctype.
To begin, select the desired workspace for your new MySQL data source. Then, click the gear icon and select Manage connections
Once the connections modal appears, click + Add Connection and select PostgreSQL. Then, enter your credentials or paste a connection string into the Connection URL input:
For details on the inputs of each connection, see below. After writing down your values, test your connection and save. You're all done!
If you're using a localhost database, download our desktop app from

MySQL Credentials Cheat Sheet

  • Name your connection is primarily for you to keep track of your connections. (optional)
  • Host is the hostname of your database server
  • Port is where it is hosted. The default is 3306
  • User is your username
  • Password is the password for your database
  • For Database, use the name of your database
You can also learn more about different types of MySQL connections by checking out the Arctype resource guides.

MySQL examples

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