Connect to MySQL databases in Arctype.

Connecting to a MySQL Database

To begin, select the desired workspace for your new MySQL data source. Then, click the gear icon and select Manage connections
Once the connections modal appears, click + Add Connection and select PostgreSQL. Then, enter your credentials or paste a connection string into the Connection URL input:
For details on the inputs of each connection, see below. After writing down your values, test your connection and save. You're all done!
If you're using a localhost database, download our desktop app from

MySQL Credentials Cheat Sheet

  • Name your connection is primarily for you to keep track of your connections. (optional)
  • Host is the hostname of your database server
  • Port is where it is hosted. The default is 3306
  • User is your username
  • Password is the password for your database
  • For Database, use the name of your database
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