PlanetScale GUI in Arctype
Download Arctype to connect and read the original announcement by PlanetScale for a full video walkthrough.
An account is required to connect to PlanetScale databases. Arctype workspaces with serverless database connections come with syncing by default. This means that you can connect from your machine, another machine, or a web browser. Likewise, you can share the database by adding teammates to your workspace. Traditional databases in Arctype come with offline mode and don't require an account. If you are interested in this feature for serverless databases, let us know at [email protected]
This integration uses the pscale command line interface to kickstart the connection. You must have it installed and have run pscale auth login successfully. Then, after you download Arctype, you will see PlanetScale as an option when you add a new connection.
Arctype Dark Mode
Arctype Light Mode
Click through the prompts to connect. Once you have connected you will see your connection name in the top left sidebar. Below it will be a branch switcher. You can select different branches to open their tables in Table Viewer.
When you save queries, they are saved on a specific branch. If you delete your connection you must open the query and select a new branch to be able to run it. You can switch which branch a specific query is running on in the top bar of Query View.

Make a PlanetScale Deploy Request

When you are ready to publish your changes you can make a PlanetScale Deploy Request directly from Arctype.
Make a PlanetScale Deploy Request
The URL of the request is shown in the bottom right for easy copying and reviewing. You cannot make a deploy request to a branch that already has a deploy request open. The target branch also must be a production branch.


  • Service token missing. Please generate a service token.
    • You must click Generate Service Token before clicking Save.
  • Could not get PlanetScale access token. Please make sure you have the PlanetScale CLI installed and logged in.
    • You must run pscale auth login on the command line before you connect the integration
  • Could not grant access to service token. Please make sure you are an admin or owner of the organization.
    • The admin or owner of your PlanetScale organization must add the integration in Arctype and share it with you. You can still use your default PlanetScale workspace and connect to any databases within it.