Shared Connections

Arctype does not store your database connection info and queries without your explicit permission.

Cloud syncing

You can choose to Continue without an Account when you sign up for Arctype. An individual workspace is created where all Arctype objects, including queries, dashboards, and database connections are saved to your local machine only.
If you lose access to your computer with Arctype installed, we cannot recover your Arctype workspace for you.
If you sign up for Arctype using Google sign-in or an email address, you can create both Individual and Team workspaces. Individual workspaces only save data locally, as described above.
Team workspaces sync your Queries and Dashboards to Arctype's cloud servers so they can be shared with other members of the workspace. Connections are synced if the toggle Sync to Cloud and Share with Team is selected in the Connection menu. This toggle can be deselected to prevent the sharing of a Connection in a team workspace. In this case, team members must manually input connection details to connect to databases in the team workspace. SSL certificates and SSH keys that are used to establish a Connection are never synced and must be sent separately to each workspace member.
An Arctype account may have multiple individual and team workspaces.

Sharing connections with a team workspace

You can create a team workspace at any point by sharing it with someone. At this point, local data is synced to the cloud. Likewise, you can convert a team workspace to an individual workspace in Settings. At this point, data stored on the cloud is deleted and is only stored locally.
Visit the linked documents for step-by-step instructions for sharing workspaces and sharing dashboards and queries.

Security and sharing

Arctype uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) to host its servers. Arctype databases are on private networks and not accessible from external networks. Connection information is encrypted, backed by AWS Key Management Service. SSH keys and SSL certificates are never sent to Arctype servers. While this may be a hassle for some teams that desire more seamless database sharing, we believe this is a necessary trade-off to prioritize user security.
Interested in deploying Arctype within your own network and cloud? Contact [email protected].

Permissions and Roles

Team workspaces have three levels of permission. Permissions are scoped to the workspace, not individual tables or queries.


Editors can create and save Queries and Dashboards and access all synced Connections in a single workspace. Editors can create public queries and dashboards which can be opened by anyone in a browser. Public queries and dashboards do not load in the browser if the connections they use require SSL certificates or SSH keys.


Admins can add new members to the workspace and can do everything that Editors can do.


The creator of the workspace. Owners can do everything that Admins and Editors can do, and create Admins.


Arctype uses Sentry for error reporting. We collect telemetry such as the number of queries run from all workspaces. Some events are sent through Datadog and
Additionally, Arctype comes with in-app chat through Intercom. This can be disabled in Settings. To disable Intercom:
  1. 1.
    Navigate to Settings by clicking on the gear icon in the left menu
  2. 2.
    Select appearance
  3. 3.
    Toggle the Enable Intercom button to disabled