Supported Databases

Connect to Postgres, MySQL, YugabyteDB, and Planetscale on Arctype desktop. Use Localhost, SSL, and SSH to query to your database.

Supported databases

You can connect to these databases in Arctype.
Any database that says it can be connected to in Postgres such as Postgres wire compatible databases should work in Arctype as a PostgreSQL connection.
Any database that says it can be connected to in MySQL such as databases listed under Team MySQL should also work in Arctype.
Oracle is not currently supported.
Need a connection that we do not support yet? Let us know in the Arctype Discord.

Supported Connection Methods


In desktop versions of Arctype on MacOS, Windows, and Linux you can make localhost ( connections to Postgres and MySQL databases. You cannot make localhost connections in web versions of Arctype on Chrome, Safari, or any other browser.

Cloud Hosted

You can connect to any remote instance of a database directly on desktop. In the browser these connections are established on Arctype servers.

SSL Database Connections

Your database server may use SSL for security. Heroku databases require SSL. When adding a new connection in Arctype desktop clients you can select the SSL checkbox and upload a certificate if necessary.

SSH Database Connections

You can supply the file path to an SSH key in Arctype desktop clients. The string must be the full path and not include shortcuts such as tilde in Linux (for example use /home/arctype./.ssh/id_rsa and NOT ~./ssh/id_rsa). SSH keys are not shared when a Workspace is shared and must be sent separately.

Frameworks and Drivers

Working on a project that uses Go, Java, Node.js, or Python? We have you covered. The guides below show where to find your connection information in each project, or where to put the connection information once you have setup your database.