Connect to YugabyteDB in Arctype
YugabyteDB can be run in 3 ways. The Arctype connection guide for YugabyteDB shows how to connect to Yugabyte Cloud. Once you have a YugabyteDB instance running somewhere you can use the connection screen in Arctype to select a special connection just for Yugabyte. In many cases you can simply one click paste the connection string in.
Select Yugabyte as the connection option (dark and light mode).
Once connected to YugabyteDB, you get the power of distributed SQL in Arctype! That means that when you click Create Table that is automatically sharded globally.
Tables in Yugabyte are automatically distributed
Above you can see that by inspecting the table Arctype shows the hashed primary key. When you modify your tables the distributed properties are also available in the editor menu.
Editing distributed tables.
To read more about this integration for scaling Postgres, check out the official announcement on Yugabyte's blog.

YugabyteDB examples

The Arctype blog is a good source of examples and information. Check out this guide for creating a Nest.js MVC app with Yugabyte: