Dashboard Refresh Rate

Change the Dashboard Refresh Rate so that data is updated every minute, hour, or other interval.
The dashboard refresh rate determines how often your dashboard will update. This means that the transforms and queries that your dashboard gets its data from will execute again to keep the dashboard up to date. Dashboards are automatically set to refresh every 10 minutes, but depending on your needs, this might be far too often or not nearly often enough. For example, a dashboard that displays data fetched from a Covid tracking API might only need to be updated once or twice a day.
To change the refresh rate, first open Dashboard Editor by clicking Edit Mode toward the right side of the tab bar. Then, choose Settings. Finally, update the Refresh Rate (calculated in minutes) and click Enter. For reference, a day consists of 1440 minutes.
Set the data refresh rate for a Dashboard.
Currently, the minimum allowed refresh interval is every one minute.