Working with Tables

Tables allow you to treat your data like a spreadsheet in dashboards.

Tables are great for displaying data, but they are also an excellent method to link components to query or HTTP requests. From the dashboard, you can create a table, add a table action (an event that happens when you interact with a table), and link other components to cells in the table.

If necessary, you can also very easily convert your table into a chart, and vice versa.

Adding a Table to Your Dashboard

Option 1

  1. Choose Table from the right sidebar. Then drag to your dashboard.


  3. Choose a saved query or transform.

Add a Table to a Dashboard and populate it with data from a Query.

Option 2

  1. Use the SELECT command to query a table, such as SELECT * FROM persons

  2. Run the query, and then click Add Table to Dashboard.

  3. Chose your dashboard from the dropdown.

  4. Name your dashboard

Add a Table to a Dashboard from Query view.