Creating a Dashboard

Create a Dashboard of charts and tables to visualize your data

Dashboards are an excellent tool to maintain charts and tables that let you analyze your data. You can also create complex internal tools that use components to modify and display data from your databases. Simply chain together several components to create a tool that automates repetitive or technical tasks.

Component Types

Arctype provides all kinds of components to build stunning internal tools.

  • Tables - view the data from your queries or HTTP transforms

  • Charts - visualize your data with stunning charts. Supported chart types include bar, line, scatter, heat, and more

  • Forms - input and submit data

  • Input/Selection Elements- add user interaction to your applications (change/submit data)

  • Images - display images (Base64 supported)

To Create a Dashboard Tab:

  • Click the + button on the top-left.

  • Then chose Dashboard.

Create a new Dashboard tab.

Name your dashboard by editing the Title from Untitled Dashboard to the name of your choice at the top of the right sidebar.

Adding a Table to Your Dashboard

Option 1

  1. Choose Table from the right sidebar. Then drag to your dashboard.


  3. Choose a saved query or transform.

Add data to a Dashboard by selecting a Query

Option 2

  1. Use the SELECT command to query a table, such as SELECT * FROM persons

  2. Run the query, and then click Add Table to Dashboard.

  3. Chose your dashboard from the dropdown.

Create a Dashboard from Query view.