Filtering and Sorting Tables

In Arctype's Table view, you can easily filter and sort through data stored in your tables.
Filtering and sorting are foundational SQL operations, with a wide world of applications. In this document, we’ll show you how to sort and filter your table data with Arctype. We’ll also learn about some advanced Arctype features, like multi-sort and query creation.

Sorting a table

To sort a table in Arctype, navigate to the Table view and select a table. Then, select the Add sort button to create a sort. This button will open a menu that will allow you to configure your sort. You can choose a column to sort by and configure the sort to be ascending or descending. Select Apply to sort your table.
Applying a sort to the "year" column
To remove a sort, simply select the X next to the sort.
Arctype allows you to add multiple sorts to a table. To use the multi-sort ability, simply click the sort button each time you wish to layer on a new sort. You can also reorder your sorts by dragging them.
Applying multiple sorts

Filtering a table

To filter a table in Arctype, navigate to your desired table and select the Add filter button to create a filter. Just like sorting, this button will open a menu that will allow you to configure your filter. You can choose a column to filter by and configure the filter with the criteria you desire. Arctype intelligently displayed filter options that correspond to the type of data contained in the column.
Applying a filter
When you’re happy with your filter, you can select Apply to filter your data. You can also add additional filters and remove them as shown below. You will notice this behavior is very similar to Arctype’s sort function, described above.
Applying multiple filters

Filtering and sorting together

Arctype allows you to both filter and sort a table at the same time. To do this, simply click on the Add sort and Add filter icons as needed to layer in a sequence of sorts and filters. You can configure each sort and filter to match your needs, as shown below. Additionally, you can reorder these operations by dragging them.
Filtering and sorting together
If you make a mistake, you can modify them or delete them by pressing the corresponding “X.” Pressing Apply will update the table data to reflect the sort and filter criteria you chose.

Creating a query from filters and sorts

Arctype can convert your sorts and filters directly into queries with the touch of a button. Simply select the Create query button in the top right part of the table view to create a new query with the sort and filter parameters you chose. You can then choose to run or save the query, and put it to use as you see fit.
Turning your filters and sorts into a query
You can learn more about queries in Arctype by reading the query documentation.