Premium Team Workspaces

Beginning July 15, 2022, all Arctype 'Team' workspaces with five or more members will be transitioned to 'Premium Team' workspaces. Premium workspaces provide enhanced sharing and collaboration functionality that allows you to safely and securely provision database access to team members, such as granular permissions control for each database in the workspace:
In the upcoming weeks, premium workspaces will offer access to an even wider range of new features, including:
  • Query Scheduling and Automation — schedule queries to be executed at a single allotted time or on a recurring basis. Customize and send results via email in a variety of formats.
  • Enhanced Sharing Controls — password-protect public queries and dashboards, modify specific workspace users' access to queries and dashboards.
  • Database Health and Performance Monitoring — get visibility over your databases' resource usage, open connections, straggling queries, and more.
  • 'Viewer' and Custom Roles — provision limited access to certain tables, queries, and dashboards for non-technical users in a simple, easy-to-use view. Create custom user groups for more granular control over users' permissions on each database.
For more information and pricing details, please visit