Exporting Query Results

Save the results of a SQL query as a CSV or Excel file.
Query result sets can be easily exported from Arctype in both .csv and .xslx formats directly from the result view. This can be especially useful for sharing data with team members who don't have database access and for (small-scale) data migrations. As an example, the below query calculates the average life expectancy and GNP, as well as the total area and population of each continent:
avg(LifeExpectancy) as avg_lifespan,
avg(GNP) as avg_gnp,
sum(SurfaceArea) as total_area,
sum(Population) as total_pop
group by
order by
5 desc
After the query has successfully executed and results are displayed, click the ••• button in the right corner of the results pane to open the results context menu:
Right click the 3 dots in the top right of query results to export them.
Then, simply select Download as CSV or Download as Excel and select a filename and destination when prompted:
Save query results as a .csv or .xlsx file.
The query results should now be easily viewable in most spreadsheet applications:
Open the downloaded CSV or Excel file to view query results.