Filtering Query Results

Search the text of the results of a query.
Query results can be easily filtered directly from Arctype’s results view. This feature can be helpful for previewing the results of an additional WHERE clause or simply checking to ensure that specific data is included in the result set. We’ll use results from the (now) formatted capital city query to demonstrate:
Click the Search bar to search query results
To search through the 184 results of this query, we can type a search term into the Search results input box in the results pane. For this example, we've searched for 'Africa':
Example of a search result being highlighted
Note: searching query results from the results pane returns all rows in the result set where any field matches the search term(s). A WHERE clause inside the query is still necessary to filter by specific fields.

Cell Inspector for Query Results

Use Cell Inspector to double click into a text field in query view.
Right click on a cell from query results and select Inspect Cell to view its contents in the right sidebar pane. Works for TEXT, JSON, VARCHAR, and other text columns.