Query History

See a history of every query you and your team has run.
Query history makes it easy to keep track of saved and unsaved query versions, which can be opened in a new tab with one click. All queries executed in the SQL Editor will be logged in the history section of the left sidebar.

View Query History

To access the query history, click the Queries icon on the sidebar and then click History:
Query history will appear in the left sidebar

Reuse a Query from History

To populate a new tab with an old query version, select the desired version from the query history. The query can then be run without overriding the latest saved version (if one exists).

Deleting Queries from History

Query versions saved in the query history can be individually deleted by clicking the x icon that appears next to each query version on hover. Alternatively, the entire query history can be cleared by clicking the trashcan icon immediately above the list:
Delete a query from Arctype query history