Share Your Workspace and Manage Permissions

Share a Query with a Collaborator. You can also share Dashboards and Workspaces.
Work that you save in your workspace is automatically shared with your workspace teammates. And if you are a member of multiple teams and workspaces, you can choose which workspace is most relevant, and easily switch between them.

Share a Workspace

Click Share on the right side of the top bar. Then, specify the email of the user you want to share your workspace with, and choose their permissions. Then click SHARE.
Invite a new Collaborator to the Arctype Workspace.

Manage Permissions

Click Share on the right side of the top bar. Edit a collaborator's permissions by clicking the dropdown under permissions and choosing Editor or Viewer. To revoke access for a collaborator, click the x corresponding to their email.
Share a Dashboard or Query with a Collaborator and change their Permissions.