Create and Share a Workspace

Use multiple workspaces to separate prod and dev, manage multiple clients, and set permissions for specific teams in your company.
Workspaces allow you to collaborate on queries, dashboards, and database connections. You can either create your own private workspace or add workspaces to your organization and manage permissions separately for each one. Either way, you have complete control over the permissions of your workspaces, and can easily modify which team members have access to it.
Because your workspace teammates have access to all of your saved queries and dashboards, it is easier than ever to divide work and collaborate.

Create a Workspace

Click the workspace selector in the top left corner of the app and then select Create new workspace...
Next, choose a name for your new workspace:
(optional) Finally, add a connection by entering your MySQL or PostgreSQL credentials:

Share a Workspace

Arctype makes it easy to share your workspaces with team members and clients. To begin, click the workspace selector in the top left corner of the app and select Settings:
Select theMembers settings pane and enter your team members' or clients' email addresses. You can also adjust each user's permissions for the workspace by selecting Editor or Admin from the Permissions dropdown: